It’s All About the People You Meet

I met a cyclist this morning and we had a great chat about travel and sharing stories.

His name is William and he is bicycling from border to border, coast to coast. He started in Northern Washington State, and plans to cycle to San Diego and then to New York.

Throughout our discussion, he continually talked about how it is the people you meet which life is all about. As we meet one another and befriend one another, we naturally help one another in whatever ways we can with whatever we possess.

Life is best when shared.

It was a great talk to remember that it is our relationships with one another which truly enable us to live well.


What Does Prayer Mean To You?

Prayer is a word that is used in a wide variety of ways. When I meet someone and I say that I am doing a pilgrimage for prayer, I am always curious to see how people I meet respond to my usage of the word “prayer.” Which usually gets-the-ball-rolling on a grand and deep discussion about life and Truth.

So, I wanted to open this post up for those who are reading and following the pilgrimage to share your thoughts and insights as to what “prayer” is.

Please share your response to the question “What does prayer mean to you?” in the comment section below.

I look forward to our discussion!

TOMORROW! The Oregon Coast Prayer Pilgrimage Begins

Early tomorrow morning I will begin making my way from Redding, California to Corvallis, and head over from there to Newport, Oregon where I will start walking the 400+ miles of the Oregon Coast for Prayer.

I have so many feelings of anticipation and a sense of wonder for what this summer walking the coast is going to hold; the people I will meet, the opportunities for sharing the message of relationship with God in prayer, and the countless unforeseen variables of what wondrous events may occur.

If you have any suggestions of where you feel I should go along the coast, people to meet, great towns to visit, churches or community groups to connect with, please leave a comment or send me a message on the contact page.

I’m ready.

5 Days until beginning the Oregon Coast Pilgrimage

Quick update, I am beginning the 420 mile or so walk of the Oregon Coast this Sunday.

It’s looking like I will start in Corvallis, Oregon, and take a bus to the Coast on Monday morning.

I am looking to connect with anyone and everyone along the coast who would like to make a new friend, go for a walk or just talk.

If you would like to contribute to support this pilgrimage go here.