What Does Prayer Mean To You?

Prayer is a word that is used in a wide variety of ways. When I meet someone and I say that I am doing a pilgrimage for prayer, I am always curious to see how people I meet respond to my usage of the word “prayer.” Which usually gets-the-ball-rolling on a grand and deep discussion about life and Truth.

So, I wanted to open this post up for those who are reading and following the pilgrimage to share your thoughts and insights as to what “prayer” is.

Please share your response to the question “What does prayer mean to you?” in the comment section below.

I look forward to our discussion!


The Free Gift of Life

Life itself is a free gift we have all received. Do we truly live free?

True freedom, I believe, is the force that bursts love, patience, understanding and joy from a heart that is free. Understanding the heart of God and fruits of the spirit is to be in the Truth.

Truth sets us free to live our lives as one who is born of Truth; because we are.