The Qualities of Heaven

The qualities of heaven have been most prevalent in my mind lately. Are the qualities of heaven how we are seeing – our vision born of Truth – life on earth? I’ve encountered many people over the past few days – believers and non-believers – who suffer from stress, anxiety, drug addictions, relationship trauma, and other issues. These problems can seem to convince us that “that’s just how the world works.” But there is a difference between the facts of the world and Truth. Truth is heaven, Truth is Jesus. Jesus modeled what the life born of Truth is like. Peace, joy, freedom and love are fruits which come out of Truth. Speak truth to one another, and all lies (beliefs not of God) will disintegrate.


This May Be Something You Need to Remember Today

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

Fear attempts to hold us back from Truth. It tries to cause us to take what is comfortable and secure over what is giving of life and life abundantly.

You have power, and your power is found in love. Love always dispels everything of fear, ushers in peace, and enables us to live with fulfillment and boldness to take the steps on the path of God.

3 Weeks, 200 Miles, and The Developing Vision for Prayer Pilgrim

After nearly 3 weeks, and 200 miles on pilgrimage of the Oregon coast, I arrived at the southernmost point of the Oregon coast – Brookings.

I have spent the last couple of nights at a campsite meeting many wonderful people. I met a man in his fifties who shared many prophesies with me about my life. I met a former marine in his fifties who is suffering from emphazima and a compressed spine. He is looking to get to California where he will have enough social security to procure an apartment for himself. He said he likely has about 10 years of life left, and wants to get settled in a home to “get some things accomplished” before he passes. He was very kind, offering his food and coffee to everyone at the campground who wished to share a meal.

I met Nick for the third time, a cyclist on his first biking adventure. He’s taking things quite slow, averaging 20 – 30 miles when he leaves a campsite (which is why I’ve ran into him 3 times while myself being on-foot). Nick is 20 years old and headed for San Francisco. He asks many questions which dig for insight and are challenging to the views and beliefs of those at the campgrounds we have shared.

Today, after reaching the southern point of the Oregon coast and spending a couple of days here, it appears I will now continue back north with the goal of reaching the northern border of Oregon. I plan on reaching the northern border as quickly as possible, accepting rides as they are offered (I never hitchhike, my policy is that I will accept a ride it is freely offered by someone without any request being made. It is an excellent opportunity to meet and minister to people.), in order to start walking from the extreme north southward.

The southern end of the Oregon coast pilgrimage has been a tremendous time for rest and reflection. In the last few days God has really been speaking to me about the vision for “Prayer Pilgrim” and I would like to share more of that vision I see being established now.

Prayer Pilgrim will be a not-for-profit ministry with a mission to train, equip, send and support those who feel called to be a Prayer Pilgrim or who would like to go on a Prayer Pilgrimage for a season.

We will be based on the Oregon coast, with the vision to send prayer pilgrims around the world. I am looking to plant two prayer pilgrim centers on the Oregon coast. One on the southern end and one on the northern end, enabling those who would like to do a prayer pilgrimage the option of starting on the south or north, covering the coast up and down in prayer. I believe the Oregon coast makes an incredible training ground for those called to these sort of “adventure missions,” and I see myself acting as a guide as I am well experienced with the coast here.

If this is a vision you would like to support, please visit the GoFundMe page.

What Does Prayer Mean To You?

Prayer is a word that is used in a wide variety of ways. When I meet someone and I say that I am doing a pilgrimage for prayer, I am always curious to see how people I meet respond to my usage of the word “prayer.” Which usually gets-the-ball-rolling on a grand and deep discussion about life and Truth.

So, I wanted to open this post up for those who are reading and following the pilgrimage to share your thoughts and insights as to what “prayer” is.

Please share your response to the question “What does prayer mean to you?” in the comment section below.

I look forward to our discussion!

A Prayer for the Oregon Coast

I discovered this prayer from 2007, and thought it would be a great thing to share.

(A personal statement as read to the Oregon State Parks Commission
during their July meeting on the central Oregon coast in 2007.)

“My name is Al LePage, and although I’m the director of the National Coast Trail Association, I simply am here before you today speaking for myself, as a way of introduction.

I’m here today to offer a prayer. It a prayer of thanks and praise, a prayer of love and hope, a prayer for the Oregon Coast — and those special landscapes that give it its unique sense of place — and have for all eternity — and for the gift every person, every living being has to see and hear and touch it’s wonders.

So, first a prayer of thanks, not only for its very existence — sculpted over eons by nature — but also by the grace of all the forces and people that have kept these eternal landscapes alive. And, a prayer of thanks and praise to those who have, do and will serve as volunteers and staff, as directors and commissioners, for Oregon State Parks . . . and the time, energy and effort given to keep the coast for everyone.

I hope you see the joy and peace experienced by those who visit and live along our sandy and rocky edge of infinity as appreciation so expressed. My heartfelt thanks to you, for all you have done.

And last, a prayer of love and hope.

Love can conquer any power, and everyone has the power to love, but commissioners are appointed to a special place where they can put love into action through government. Actions that literally speak to the love you share with others, Oregonian and visitor alike, for the coast in all it’s beauty and awe. And they speak to the trust we have in you to keep the coast for everyone. Yes, I pray and hope we can all love what makes the Oregon Coast, the Oregon Coast, forever. Amen.

Thank you for listening, and
Blessings to you all.”

The Lie of Being Ashamed

In the past couple of days I’ve met so many wonderful people. On several occasions, it has come up that someone has either recently been released from jail or prison or is about to serve a sentenced that was deferred.

In each conversation, when the mention of “prison” is said, there is a tone of feeling ashamed in the voice of the one who is sharing their story.

Now, it isn’t that the thought of doing something wrong should elicit some form of sadness, but being ashamed is born of something in the past. It no longer exists at this moment. In the present, we have no need for feeling ashes about who we are, because who we are now is not someone in the past.

Sometimes we need someone to see us as who we truly are. I care very little about what someone has done in the past. I care about who you are now as a child of God. That is how I see everyone in the present. And sometimes we need someone to see us as we are, not as we were, to have the power and grace to live our lives in communion with God and each other filled with the love of God’s spirit.

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes…”

The Free Gift of Life

Life itself is a free gift we have all received. Do we truly live free?

True freedom, I believe, is the force that bursts love, patience, understanding and joy from a heart that is free. Understanding the heart of God and fruits of the spirit is to be in the Truth.

Truth sets us free to live our lives as one who is born of Truth; because we are.

Don’t We All Want Heaven?

In order to impact the reality of the current world, we have to be born of another world. That other world, is what I call heaven.

Many people believe in heaven. Any person who is working to make this world a better place, believes in bringing the realm of heaven closer to earth, making this planet resemble more of a heavenly planet.

The kingdom of heaven is a kingdom where complete peace, joy, and love are ever-present, and isn’t that something most if not all of us would like to see here on earth now? Making this world look like that one?

So why don’t we all come together to see this world reflect our heavenly nature? We are capable of pure and simple love, because we were all created by love. So let’s simplify our thinking, and bring things back to the simplicity and heart of Love.