What Enables Me To Love Others Well?

I have spent the last two afternoons/evenings getting to know a man named JT. JT is a man in his fifties, with beautiful long white hair, who has been bicycling up and down the Oregon Coast for the past year and a half! He worked in the coffee business for years and stops into coffee shops along the coast to see if they need anything fixed on their espresso machines. He just got approved for an apartment further inland, and is about to transition into living indoors once again. We’ve had some really amazing discussions thus far. He is heavily interested in the occult or as he says “the hidden knowledge,” conspiracy theories and so on. The main question I always come back to, and my main response when listening to his beliefs about the “elite” and the controlling forces in the world is “those are interesting ideas, but how does knowing this enable me to love others well?” I think we all have a deep interest in finding truth, uncovering what seems to be such a deep mystery of life, how to live and how to create a world that is better for us all. I think that truth is a liberating force, enabling us to love one another unconditionally. It really doesn’t matter who is in control, whether or not there are evil forces operating and all that, if I am in the Truth of the Holy Spirit, everywhere I go is the kingdom of heaven on the move. I believe when we remain conscious of heaven, we are enabled to dispel all darkness. I am not saying to be naive or in denial about evil, rather, it starts with the question: “how does this enable me to love others well?”


A Poem For You Today

Be still my heart as beats synchronously collide

For tomorrows may fend for themselves whilst todays will never end

We are true now as we ever were, forgetting past pains left behind locked doors

We thought you were gone but you were always here

For year by year the leaves will fall beckons snow to cover all

So it must be that life shall hide ’til springtime comes

the time for new, unforgotten, life

Fear has no place Now.

“Fear keeps us focused on the past or worried about the future. If we can acknowledge our fear, we can realize that right now we are okay. Right now, today, we are still alive, and our bodies are working marvelously. Our eyes can still see the beautiful sky. Our ears can still hear the voices of our loved ones.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

What Does Prayer Mean To You?

Prayer is a word that is used in a wide variety of ways. When I meet someone and I say that I am doing a pilgrimage for prayer, I am always curious to see how people I meet respond to my usage of the word “prayer.” Which usually gets-the-ball-rolling on a grand and deep discussion about life and Truth.

So, I wanted to open this post up for those who are reading and following the pilgrimage to share your thoughts and insights as to what “prayer” is.

Please share your response to the question “What does prayer mean to you?” in the comment section below.

I look forward to our discussion!

The Goal of the Oregon Coast Prayer Pilgrimage

I will be spending this summer walking up and down the Oregon Coast, from Brookings to Astoria, on a Pilgrimage for Prayer.

The goal, and I use the word “goal” not in the sense of an ultimate destination, but as a vision to establish something with purpose as a fruit of the mission and calling of the pilgrimage.

I believe God has given me the vision to establish a place, a “Center for Prayer and Contemplation” somewhere along the Oregon Coast. As I walk, I will be in prayer and looking for the place that this vision will be realized.

A Center for Prayer and Contemplation will be a place this is open 24 hours to all members of the public to find a quiet place to practice prayer.There is much more that I envision this place to be:

  • A place for community events and gatherings, strengthening relationships.
  • A place for retreats and public talks.
  • A place for those in need to find shelter, a place to sleep, food and other necessities.
  • A base for sending out others who feel called to be a “Prayer Pilgrim.”

If this is a vision you would like to work together to see happen, please send a message to me and let’s begin a discussion of how we can work together for prayer.

A Poem: “Momentary Road”

This life leads me to a place of momentous bliss blended moments of a time gone by and by

every hope i spend comes back again in a form of warmth

clothing our surroundings with afterglowing hearts alternating thoughts inescapable love

we pass through from old to new and what lies in between are all that is unseen

the real the true the used to’s and had to’s as if you are all i ever knew

breaking forth and heading north for cooler temps and clouds and tents to find a land still living in the present tense

i’m on this momentary road of a sort that brings me to each new journey face and growing obstacle

diving headfirst into a wind that where it goes nobody knows we sink our toes into the sand until we find whole bodies buried beneath

unearth dry bones brought back to life join with us on this path to love

i hold my hands open now wait for what unfolds from this story we told of so long ago

i cannot see where we came or what will be only this road set beneath my feet taking me into new spaces meeting new faces bringing love to your place

The Fall of Man

Many religions and cultures throughout history have stories of a “fall of man,” a moment in time when humanity lost the innocence of a child to seek out knowledge and power for their own self-centered desire.

The quest to be free from this “fall’ may well be said to be at the heart of mankind’s spiritual journey.

Many claim to offer a path to freedom; however, as long as one believes themselves to be on a path toward something, they remain under the illusion that what they want is not something they already have; resulting in a life that is never fulfilled.

The Truth is that we have been set free. We are free. You are free. The Truth is we have everything we need in God to live absolutely fulfilled and with unconditional grace.

The fall of man is an unnecessary excuse for emboldening the lie that we are not found and made whole in God who is Love. Let’s be love, unconditionally.

Don’t We All Want Heaven?

In order to impact the reality of the current world, we have to be born of another world. That other world, is what I call heaven.

Many people believe in heaven. Any person who is working to make this world a better place, believes in bringing the realm of heaven closer to earth, making this planet resemble more of a heavenly planet.

The kingdom of heaven is a kingdom where complete peace, joy, and love are ever-present, and isn’t that something most if not all of us would like to see here on earth now? Making this world look like that one?

So why don’t we all come together to see this world reflect our heavenly nature? We are capable of pure and simple love, because we were all created by love. So let’s simplify our thinking, and bring things back to the simplicity and heart of Love.