Pilgrimage for Prayer Around the World

Dear Friends,

I am writing to you for connection, to share with one another a vision for seeing our world transformed by freedom, love, peace, joy, understanding and generosity.

I have a mission to go into all the world to share the Good News that we have been set free through Jesus Christ!

I recently completed walking the Oregon Coast for over 3 months and over 900 miles. This led to the founding of Prayer Pilgrim which is now a network to connect people with one another and to God through encouraging people to walk where they live in prayer and service to others.

As I began to feel the pilgrimage for prayer on the Oregon Coast drawing to a close in July, God began to awaken a dream and vision that I am called to fulfill. I am writing to you today to announce that I am now preparing to walk throughout the earth with a mission to see lives transformed by the Great Love of God and freedom we have to experience that Love in Christ.

I have set a goal of raising $5000 by October 8, 2015 (my 30th birthday) which I will use to get a passport, airfare to begin traveling throughout the world and to initiate this mission which I am devoted to fulfilling with my life.

I have made a commitment to continuously explore all the world sharing the gospel with all humanity that we might all be set free, experience the Love of God and see the fruits of the spirit spread throughout the world.

If this vision is one that you share and would like to enable, I need your support! Will you pledge to support my life and mission monthly or give a one-time gift?

Please go to our GoFundMe Campaign at www.gofundme.com/exploretoserve to send your contribution or go to https://exploretoserve.wordpress.com/give/ to pledge your monthly support.

I would be honored to serve you in anyway that I am able. Please let me know anything I may pray with you for or anyway that I may use what I have to benefit you.

Do you have any questions? What is your vision for your life?

Thank you for who you are and for your connection.

Blessings in Christ,
Dylan (D. B.) Raines | Raines Initiatives
+1 929-277-WALK (9255)

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Here are some other ways you can join and support the ministry God has placed upon my heart:

Go to prayerpilgrim.org/pledge and “Take The Pledge” that you will walk where you live in prayer. You can walk daily, weekly or whenever you feel led to go for a prayer walk. The purpose of The Pledge is simply to remind us of the importance of prayer in our lives and to connect us through discussing what God is doing in our lives.

Stay in contact. I crave connection and find so much encouragement from messages and staying in communication with people as I continue to walk in prayer and minister with those I meet along the path.


EXCITING NEWS! Prayer Pilgrim is Moving to PrayerPilgrim.org!

Hello everyone!

I am incredibly blessed and honored to announce that because of your support we have now launched a website for Prayer Pilgrim at www.prayerpilgrim.org!

Two months ago I departed on this pilgrimage for prayer of the Oregon Coast and I couldn’t have imagined where and how the vision to simply walk hundreds of miles in prayer and service to others would lead.

This is a big step in the development of the vision for Prayer Pilgrim, as it becomes less my own personal pilgrimage and more of a network to connect us all in prayer.

Although I am continuing my own pilgrimage of the Oregon Coast (and eventually globally, I hope), prayerpilgrim.org is a powerful tool where you can each create a free account to connect with others around the world who are committed to prayer. You are welcome to join as a “Local Pilgrim,” “Traveling Pilgrim,” “Supporter,” “Church,” or “Ministry.”

I invite you to take a look at the new prayerpilgrim.org, create your profile, post your prayers, thoughts and where you are walking in prayer.

Click here to join and create you Prayer Pilgrim account.

And please feel free to email me (db@prayerpilgrim.org) any feedback, suggestions or issues you run into on the site.

“Pray without ceasing…”

– DB

The Continuing Pilgrimage for Prayer

Yesterday marked 6 weeks of walking the Oregon coast for prayer.

I arrived back in Newport, the place where this whole journey started on April 26. I had planned on staying in Lincoln City through the weekend, but on Saturday afternoon I heard God say to go to Newport and that there would be someone here I needed to meet.

I started Saturday with the mindset of having a peaceful day, but as soon as I started heading towards Newport, following what I believed the voice of the Lord was saying, I also heard Him say “I’m sending you into battle with the weapon of peace.”

On the way my heart began to sink. It was as though I saw people with a greater and deeper clarity which seems to happen in such a beautifully surreal and concerning way. I saw people digging in trash cans for what crumbs they might survive off of. I attempted to talk with people with mental illness, spouting curse words every 3 seconds uncontrollably. I met and talked with people in prostitution, dealing hard drugs, and it was as though this “battle” that is always there became illuminated all around me. And my weapon was peace.

I eventually made it to Newport and found who it was I needed to meet here. I met a couple in their late 30s who were at the campgrounds celebrating their 11th year anniversary, with their dog as well. They had incredibly kind and generous hearts, always using and offering what they had to help others. However, they’ve fallen on some difficult circumstances. The wife has many health issues from a compressed spine to deafness and other issues, but she remains very positive. The husband has been clean from a meth addiction since 2001, but still enjoys liquor which causes tension between he and his wife (a recovering alcoholic).

We got to talking about God and Jesus and the Bible and faith, and it was great to hear their hearts. The wife is a member if the LDS, the husband is unaffiliated but believes in God and Christ.

The husband invited me to go to church with him in the morning and so I walked with then and attended the service.

I am praying for healing for the wife, deeper connection in their marriage, and a greater revelation of who God is and who they are as his children set free. I have one more night that I will be at the campgrounds tonight, and look forward to seeing what the Holy Spirit does.

Thank you all for your support and empowering thus pilgrimage with your encouraging words and prayer,


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How Far Will You Go?

How much of an impact do you want to have on the world?

How much discomfort are you willing to go through to ser that impact made?

Those are the questions that have been on my mind in the last 5 hours.

I went into Astoria today to connect with people and pick up a few things I needed.

I ended up meeting a veteran of the Navy who moved to Astoria a couple of months ago.

I had planned on catching a bus back to my campsite from Astoria. After a couple hours of discussion with this man, I looked at my clock and noticed that if it continued for much longer, I would miss the bus and have to walk the 15 miles or so back to my campsite after dark.

Still, I continued are discussion, and we came to form such a genuine connection through our conversing on life, God, the universe, creation and philosophy that there was a powerful sense joy and hope for humanity and this world as born from the love and freedom within our hearts.

I cannot express how valuable I believe those moments of insight through the relationship and discussion are.

I have just completed the 15 mile walk back to my campsite. I am exhausted, it is after midnight, and I am ready to sleep well. And I would do it again.

So, what impact do we want to make?

What are we willing to go through to ser that impact made?

This May Be Something You Need to Remember Today

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

Fear attempts to hold us back from Truth. It tries to cause us to take what is comfortable and secure over what is giving of life and life abundantly.

You have power, and your power is found in love. Love always dispels everything of fear, ushers in peace, and enables us to live with fulfillment and boldness to take the steps on the path of God.

A Prayer for the Oregon Coast

I discovered this prayer from 2007, and thought it would be a great thing to share.

(A personal statement as read to the Oregon State Parks Commission
during their July meeting on the central Oregon coast in 2007.)

“My name is Al LePage, and although I’m the director of the National Coast Trail Association, I simply am here before you today speaking for myself, as a way of introduction.

I’m here today to offer a prayer. It a prayer of thanks and praise, a prayer of love and hope, a prayer for the Oregon Coast — and those special landscapes that give it its unique sense of place — and have for all eternity — and for the gift every person, every living being has to see and hear and touch it’s wonders.

So, first a prayer of thanks, not only for its very existence — sculpted over eons by nature — but also by the grace of all the forces and people that have kept these eternal landscapes alive. And, a prayer of thanks and praise to those who have, do and will serve as volunteers and staff, as directors and commissioners, for Oregon State Parks . . . and the time, energy and effort given to keep the coast for everyone.

I hope you see the joy and peace experienced by those who visit and live along our sandy and rocky edge of infinity as appreciation so expressed. My heartfelt thanks to you, for all you have done.

And last, a prayer of love and hope.

Love can conquer any power, and everyone has the power to love, but commissioners are appointed to a special place where they can put love into action through government. Actions that literally speak to the love you share with others, Oregonian and visitor alike, for the coast in all it’s beauty and awe. And they speak to the trust we have in you to keep the coast for everyone. Yes, I pray and hope we can all love what makes the Oregon Coast, the Oregon Coast, forever. Amen.

Thank you for listening, and
Blessings to you all.”

The Lie of Being Ashamed

In the past couple of days I’ve met so many wonderful people. On several occasions, it has come up that someone has either recently been released from jail or prison or is about to serve a sentenced that was deferred.

In each conversation, when the mention of “prison” is said, there is a tone of feeling ashamed in the voice of the one who is sharing their story.

Now, it isn’t that the thought of doing something wrong should elicit some form of sadness, but being ashamed is born of something in the past. It no longer exists at this moment. In the present, we have no need for feeling ashes about who we are, because who we are now is not someone in the past.

Sometimes we need someone to see us as who we truly are. I care very little about what someone has done in the past. I care about who you are now as a child of God. That is how I see everyone in the present. And sometimes we need someone to see us as we are, not as we were, to have the power and grace to live our lives in communion with God and each other filled with the love of God’s spirit.

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes…”

Ways to Help Nepal After 7.8 Earthquake

Authorities in Nepal say at least 1,130 people are dead following a powerful earthquake not far from the capital Kathmandu, where homes and ancient temples collapsed amid the intense temblor and strong aftershocks.

(Read more of the news story from NPR here)

I thought perhaps it would be beneficial to share 3 organizations who work as relief agencies in Nepal for those who may wish to share or support their efforts to help people in Nepal.


“CARE’s humanitarian workers on the ground in Nepal are currently assessing the situation and determining immediate needs.”


“Oxfam is preparing an emergency response to help save lives in the aftermath of a massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake.”

World Visionworldvision.org

URGENT: Major earthquake in Nepal. World Vision is assessing the damage and preparing to respond to the urgent needs of survivors.

In the wake of a crisis, it is children who suffer most. World Vision is often one of the first organizations to begin relief work after a disaster, and we remain on the ground for the long haul, rebuilding communities and restoring hope.”


Prayers and Peace to you, Nepal.

The Goal of the Oregon Coast Prayer Pilgrimage

I will be spending this summer walking up and down the Oregon Coast, from Brookings to Astoria, on a Pilgrimage for Prayer.

The goal, and I use the word “goal” not in the sense of an ultimate destination, but as a vision to establish something with purpose as a fruit of the mission and calling of the pilgrimage.

I believe God has given me the vision to establish a place, a “Center for Prayer and Contemplation” somewhere along the Oregon Coast. As I walk, I will be in prayer and looking for the place that this vision will be realized.

A Center for Prayer and Contemplation will be a place this is open 24 hours to all members of the public to find a quiet place to practice prayer.There is much more that I envision this place to be:

  • A place for community events and gatherings, strengthening relationships.
  • A place for retreats and public talks.
  • A place for those in need to find shelter, a place to sleep, food and other necessities.
  • A base for sending out others who feel called to be a “Prayer Pilgrim.”

If this is a vision you would like to work together to see happen, please send a message to me and let’s begin a discussion of how we can work together for prayer.

A Poem: “Momentary Road”

This life leads me to a place of momentous bliss blended moments of a time gone by and by

every hope i spend comes back again in a form of warmth

clothing our surroundings with afterglowing hearts alternating thoughts inescapable love

we pass through from old to new and what lies in between are all that is unseen

the real the true the used to’s and had to’s as if you are all i ever knew

breaking forth and heading north for cooler temps and clouds and tents to find a land still living in the present tense

i’m on this momentary road of a sort that brings me to each new journey face and growing obstacle

diving headfirst into a wind that where it goes nobody knows we sink our toes into the sand until we find whole bodies buried beneath

unearth dry bones brought back to life join with us on this path to love

i hold my hands open now wait for what unfolds from this story we told of so long ago

i cannot see where we came or what will be only this road set beneath my feet taking me into new spaces meeting new faces bringing love to your place