Live Reborn

Welcome to earth, child.

Is it everything you ever dreamed and imagined?

Did you imagine it to be anything at all?

We taught you how to judge, so how do you judge us, oh humanity?

Are you a victim of the good and bad? Do you see your light in the darkness?

We bought your ticket and shoved you through the tunnel. Do you see light at the end? Or are your eyes on the walls which constrain and contain you?

The light seeps through to where you are now, inviting you to pass through from a place invisible to visible.

And so you have this choice, dear child:

Live as one born, as one taught basing judgments upon sight and memory.

Or, live reborn.


A Poem For You Today

Be still my heart as beats synchronously collide

For tomorrows may fend for themselves whilst todays will never end

We are true now as we ever were, forgetting past pains left behind locked doors

We thought you were gone but you were always here

For year by year the leaves will fall beckons snow to cover all

So it must be that life shall hide ’til springtime comes

the time for new, unforgotten, life

Then There Is Beauty

There is beauty within everything. Every living creature and every grain of sand.

If you listen carefully, you may hear the whisper of the One who envisioned this world.

It says “you are free; you are loved.” Love holds everything together, through everything we deem good or bad.

What we have, is beauty.

A Poem: “Momentary Road”

This life leads me to a place of momentous bliss blended moments of a time gone by and by

every hope i spend comes back again in a form of warmth

clothing our surroundings with afterglowing hearts alternating thoughts inescapable love

we pass through from old to new and what lies in between are all that is unseen

the real the true the used to’s and had to’s as if you are all i ever knew

breaking forth and heading north for cooler temps and clouds and tents to find a land still living in the present tense

i’m on this momentary road of a sort that brings me to each new journey face and growing obstacle

diving headfirst into a wind that where it goes nobody knows we sink our toes into the sand until we find whole bodies buried beneath

unearth dry bones brought back to life join with us on this path to love

i hold my hands open now wait for what unfolds from this story we told of so long ago

i cannot see where we came or what will be only this road set beneath my feet taking me into new spaces meeting new faces bringing love to your place