A Prayer for the Oregon Coast

I discovered this prayer from 2007, and thought it would be a great thing to share.

(A personal statement as read to the Oregon State Parks Commission
during their July meeting on the central Oregon coast in 2007.)

“My name is Al LePage, and although I’m the director of the National Coast Trail Association, I simply am here before you today speaking for myself, as a way of introduction.

I’m here today to offer a prayer. It a prayer of thanks and praise, a prayer of love and hope, a prayer for the Oregon Coast — and those special landscapes that give it its unique sense of place — and have for all eternity — and for the gift every person, every living being has to see and hear and touch it’s wonders.

So, first a prayer of thanks, not only for its very existence — sculpted over eons by nature — but also by the grace of all the forces and people that have kept these eternal landscapes alive. And, a prayer of thanks and praise to those who have, do and will serve as volunteers and staff, as directors and commissioners, for Oregon State Parks . . . and the time, energy and effort given to keep the coast for everyone.

I hope you see the joy and peace experienced by those who visit and live along our sandy and rocky edge of infinity as appreciation so expressed. My heartfelt thanks to you, for all you have done.

And last, a prayer of love and hope.

Love can conquer any power, and everyone has the power to love, but commissioners are appointed to a special place where they can put love into action through government. Actions that literally speak to the love you share with others, Oregonian and visitor alike, for the coast in all it’s beauty and awe. And they speak to the trust we have in you to keep the coast for everyone. Yes, I pray and hope we can all love what makes the Oregon Coast, the Oregon Coast, forever. Amen.

Thank you for listening, and
Blessings to you all.”


Oregon Coast Hiker-Biker Campsites

One of the reasons I have chosen to do the pilgrimage of the Oregon Coast is because the coastline has many sites with “Hiker-Biker” camping. These are campgrounds for walk-in hikers or cyclists to have a place to camp for only $5 or $6 a night.

Much of the Oregon Coast allows free camping beyond the site of any residence. Oregon as a state has been committed to keeping their beaches free to the public, passing laws to keep them accessible to all. It is for this reason that I feel the Oregon Coast is a unique place where freedom can be nurtured and grown.

I plan on stopping at these State Park campsites for the groups of people I’ll be able to meet and connect with at an “official” campsite. (And a shower every now and then would be great!)

Here is a full list of Hiker-Biker campgrounds which I will be visiting along this pilgrimage of the Oregon Coast:

Ainsworth State Park

Bates State Park

Beachside State Recreation Site

Beverly Beach State Park

Bullards Beach State Park

Cape Blanco State Park

Cape Lookout State Park

Carl G. Washburne Memorial State Park

Cascadia State Park

Champoeg State Heritage Area

Clyde Holliday State Recreation Site

Cottonwood Canyon State Park

Devil’s Lake State Recreation Area

Farewell Bend State Recreation Area

Fort Stevens State Park

Goose Lake State Recreation Area

Harris Beach State Park

Humbug Mountain State Park

Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park

Milo McIver State Park

Nehalem Bay State Park

North Santiam State Recreation Area

Smith Rock State Park

South Beach State Park

Sunset Bay State Park

Tumalo State Park

Umpqua Lighthouse State Park

Unity Lake State Recreation Site

Wallowa Lake State Park

Willamette Mission State Park

William M. Tugman State Park