Pilgrimage for Prayer Around the World

Dear Friends,

I am writing to you for connection, to share with one another a vision for seeing our world transformed by freedom, love, peace, joy, understanding and generosity.

I have a mission to go into all the world to share the Good News that we have been set free through Jesus Christ!

I recently completed walking the Oregon Coast for over 3 months and over 900 miles. This led to the founding of Prayer Pilgrim which is now a network to connect people with one another and to God through encouraging people to walk where they live in prayer and service to others.

As I began to feel the pilgrimage for prayer on the Oregon Coast drawing to a close in July, God began to awaken a dream and vision that I am called to fulfill. I am writing to you today to announce that I am now preparing to walk throughout the earth with a mission to see lives transformed by the Great Love of God and freedom we have to experience that Love in Christ.

I have set a goal of raising $5000 by October 8, 2015 (my 30th birthday) which I will use to get a passport, airfare to begin traveling throughout the world and to initiate this mission which I am devoted to fulfilling with my life.

I have made a commitment to continuously explore all the world sharing the gospel with all humanity that we might all be set free, experience the Love of God and see the fruits of the spirit spread throughout the world.

If this vision is one that you share and would like to enable, I need your support! Will you pledge to support my life and mission monthly or give a one-time gift?

Please go to our GoFundMe Campaign at www.gofundme.com/exploretoserve to send your contribution or go to https://exploretoserve.wordpress.com/give/ to pledge your monthly support.

I would be honored to serve you in anyway that I am able. Please let me know anything I may pray with you for or anyway that I may use what I have to benefit you.

Do you have any questions? What is your vision for your life?

Thank you for who you are and for your connection.

Blessings in Christ,
Dylan (D. B.) Raines | Raines Initiatives
+1 929-277-WALK (9255)

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Here are some other ways you can join and support the ministry God has placed upon my heart:

Go to prayerpilgrim.org/pledge and “Take The Pledge” that you will walk where you live in prayer. You can walk daily, weekly or whenever you feel led to go for a prayer walk. The purpose of The Pledge is simply to remind us of the importance of prayer in our lives and to connect us through discussing what God is doing in our lives.

Stay in contact. I crave connection and find so much encouragement from messages and staying in communication with people as I continue to walk in prayer and minister with those I meet along the path.


Praying from the Heart

“It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.” – Gandhi

Prayer is something that can often become a performance without us even realizing it. Sometimes we think “I should pray more” or “I haven’t prayer enough lately” which reduces prayer to something we can achieve from our own effort – as though prayer is a good work that we do.

I believe, rather, that prayer is a place of our heart being filled by the presence of God. Prayer is not a good work, but it puts in a place of surrendur to Christ enabling the Holy Spirit to do good works through us.

A heart of prayer is one that is completely authentic and genuine, filled by God. There is no performance or catering to what we believe we ought to do, but out of the heart that is in the presence of God our words also are authentic and genuine.

Prayer conducted because we feel like we are supposed to, rather than from a heart that is with God, will be based on a belief that we are supposed to perform a certain action in order to be a better person.

But a true heart of prayer is holy and blameless. How can one who is holy and blameless become a better person?

Prayer reveals who we truly are in the eyes of God, and enables us to see others with that same grace-enabling-power of redemption to the freedom of Truth.

This May Be Something You Need to Remember Today

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

Fear attempts to hold us back from Truth. It tries to cause us to take what is comfortable and secure over what is giving of life and life abundantly.

You have power, and your power is found in love. Love always dispels everything of fear, ushers in peace, and enables us to live with fulfillment and boldness to take the steps on the path of God.

What Enables Me To Love Others Well?

I have spent the last two afternoons/evenings getting to know a man named JT. JT is a man in his fifties, with beautiful long white hair, who has been bicycling up and down the Oregon Coast for the past year and a half! He worked in the coffee business for years and stops into coffee shops along the coast to see if they need anything fixed on their espresso machines. He just got approved for an apartment further inland, and is about to transition into living indoors once again. We’ve had some really amazing discussions thus far. He is heavily interested in the occult or as he says “the hidden knowledge,” conspiracy theories and so on. The main question I always come back to, and my main response when listening to his beliefs about the “elite” and the controlling forces in the world is “those are interesting ideas, but how does knowing this enable me to love others well?” I think we all have a deep interest in finding truth, uncovering what seems to be such a deep mystery of life, how to live and how to create a world that is better for us all. I think that truth is a liberating force, enabling us to love one another unconditionally. It really doesn’t matter who is in control, whether or not there are evil forces operating and all that, if I am in the Truth of the Holy Spirit, everywhere I go is the kingdom of heaven on the move. I believe when we remain conscious of heaven, we are enabled to dispel all darkness. I am not saying to be naive or in denial about evil, rather, it starts with the question: “how does this enable me to love others well?”

The Search for Truth

Are you looking for truth?

Is there something you feel deeply to be truth that you have yet to realize?

Truth, I believe, is something that is within us. In the same way “the kingdom of heaven is within you.”

You don’t have to go looking for it anywhere. In fact, if you start searching for truth, as many claim to be a “truth-seeker,” we may also say that as soon as we attempt to seek truth, we are actually moving farther away from truth.

The truth of heaven within us is not discovered through our own effort. It is and has always been there. It is a truth from which all of God’s goodness spills out from within us.

Truth is simply who you are as seen by the One who gifted us with life.

Just some thoughts for today after walking about 5 miles this morning 🙂

It’s All About the People You Meet

I met a cyclist this morning and we had a great chat about travel and sharing stories.

His name is William and he is bicycling from border to border, coast to coast. He started in Northern Washington State, and plans to cycle to San Diego and then to New York.

Throughout our discussion, he continually talked about how it is the people you meet which life is all about. As we meet one another and befriend one another, we naturally help one another in whatever ways we can with whatever we possess.

Life is best when shared.

It was a great talk to remember that it is our relationships with one another which truly enable us to live well.

What Does Prayer Mean To You?

Prayer is a word that is used in a wide variety of ways. When I meet someone and I say that I am doing a pilgrimage for prayer, I am always curious to see how people I meet respond to my usage of the word “prayer.” Which usually gets-the-ball-rolling on a grand and deep discussion about life and Truth.

So, I wanted to open this post up for those who are reading and following the pilgrimage to share your thoughts and insights as to what “prayer” is.

Please share your response to the question “What does prayer mean to you?” in the comment section below.

I look forward to our discussion!

The Fall of Man

Many religions and cultures throughout history have stories of a “fall of man,” a moment in time when humanity lost the innocence of a child to seek out knowledge and power for their own self-centered desire.

The quest to be free from this “fall’ may well be said to be at the heart of mankind’s spiritual journey.

Many claim to offer a path to freedom; however, as long as one believes themselves to be on a path toward something, they remain under the illusion that what they want is not something they already have; resulting in a life that is never fulfilled.

The Truth is that we have been set free. We are free. You are free. The Truth is we have everything we need in God to live absolutely fulfilled and with unconditional grace.

The fall of man is an unnecessary excuse for emboldening the lie that we are not found and made whole in God who is Love. Let’s be love, unconditionally.

The Free Gift of Life

Life itself is a free gift we have all received. Do we truly live free?

True freedom, I believe, is the force that bursts love, patience, understanding and joy from a heart that is free. Understanding the heart of God and fruits of the spirit is to be in the Truth.

Truth sets us free to live our lives as one who is born of Truth; because we are.