3 Weeks, 200 Miles, and The Developing Vision for Prayer Pilgrim

After nearly 3 weeks, and 200 miles on pilgrimage of the Oregon coast, I arrived at the southernmost point of the Oregon coast – Brookings.

I have spent the last couple of nights at a campsite meeting many wonderful people. I met a man in his fifties who shared many prophesies with me about my life. I met a former marine in his fifties who is suffering from emphazima and a compressed spine. He is looking to get to California where he will have enough social security to procure an apartment for himself. He said he likely has about 10 years of life left, and wants to get settled in a home to “get some things accomplished” before he passes. He was very kind, offering his food and coffee to everyone at the campground who wished to share a meal.

I met Nick for the third time, a cyclist on his first biking adventure. He’s taking things quite slow, averaging 20 – 30 miles when he leaves a campsite (which is why I’ve ran into him 3 times while myself being on-foot). Nick is 20 years old and headed for San Francisco. He asks many questions which dig for insight and are challenging to the views and beliefs of those at the campgrounds we have shared.

Today, after reaching the southern point of the Oregon coast and spending a couple of days here, it appears I will now continue back north with the goal of reaching the northern border of Oregon. I plan on reaching the northern border as quickly as possible, accepting rides as they are offered (I never hitchhike, my policy is that I will accept a ride it is freely offered by someone without any request being made. It is an excellent opportunity to meet and minister to people.), in order to start walking from the extreme north southward.

The southern end of the Oregon coast pilgrimage has been a tremendous time for rest and reflection. In the last few days God has really been speaking to me about the vision for “Prayer Pilgrim” and I would like to share more of that vision I see being established now.

Prayer Pilgrim will be a not-for-profit ministry with a mission to train, equip, send and support those who feel called to be a Prayer Pilgrim or who would like to go on a Prayer Pilgrimage for a season.

We will be based on the Oregon coast, with the vision to send prayer pilgrims around the world. I am looking to plant two prayer pilgrim centers on the Oregon coast. One on the southern end and one on the northern end, enabling those who would like to do a prayer pilgrimage the option of starting on the south or north, covering the coast up and down in prayer. I believe the Oregon coast makes an incredible training ground for those called to these sort of “adventure missions,” and I see myself acting as a guide as I am well experienced with the coast here.

If this is a vision you would like to support, please visit the GoFundMe page.


The Goal of the Oregon Coast Prayer Pilgrimage

I will be spending this summer walking up and down the Oregon Coast, from Brookings to Astoria, on a Pilgrimage for Prayer.

The goal, and I use the word “goal” not in the sense of an ultimate destination, but as a vision to establish something with purpose as a fruit of the mission and calling of the pilgrimage.

I believe God has given me the vision to establish a place, a “Center for Prayer and Contemplation” somewhere along the Oregon Coast. As I walk, I will be in prayer and looking for the place that this vision will be realized.

A Center for Prayer and Contemplation will be a place this is open 24 hours to all members of the public to find a quiet place to practice prayer.There is much more that I envision this place to be:

  • A place for community events and gatherings, strengthening relationships.
  • A place for retreats and public talks.
  • A place for those in need to find shelter, a place to sleep, food and other necessities.
  • A base for sending out others who feel called to be a “Prayer Pilgrim.”

If this is a vision you would like to work together to see happen, please send a message to me and let’s begin a discussion of how we can work together for prayer.